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What Most Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know About Hidden Car Accident and Workers' Compensation Injuries

Written By SunCoast SpineCare on November 20, 2018

Hidden injuries are sneaky, potentially debilitating, and will strike millions of Americans this year…. and due to ignorance and/or inappropriate care, many car accident and Workers’ Comp victims will suffer for the rest of their lives! That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is help available to you that ensures that the insurance companies know what you’ve been going through and your rights are protected. So keep reading this report to find out the well-hidden truth you won’t find anywhere else!

Every day, thousands of Americans are involved in auto and on-the-job accidents and they aren’t lucky enough to have this information in front of them. As a result, they either receive inappropriate care for their injuries or never get their injury diagnosed properly, and often settle their case too soon.

Most insurance adjusters know all about the kind of injuriespeople like you and me can experience in an accident. They know sometimes you don’t feel injured right away and that’s why they try to settle as quickly as possible while your medical bills are low or non-existent. They would rather see you in pain after you settle your case when you would have to pick up the tab for your own treatment.

This Can Happen Even If It’s Your Own Insurance Company You’re Dealing With!

Make no mistake, insurance is a business like any other, and the less they spend on appropriate care, the more money they make their shareholders.  

Even if you were involved in a minor fender bender, studies have shown you could suffer fromasevere injury that isn’t easily noticeable.  These studies demonstrate that a 5-8 mile per hour accident could cause severe injury to the occupants of the car.

You can be injured and only feel a little or no pain at all after the accident. Doctors can easily missthis and mistake your pain forsomething completely different.  This is when insurance companies try to settle with you.   Don’t makethismistake!  Until a doctor, who has experience with low impact soft tissue injuries, says you are 100% okay,don’t make the decision tosettle too soon.

What Most Doctors Don’t Know About Hidden Injuries Can Financially and Physically Hurt You

After any accident, it’s advisable to visit the emergency room to make sure you don’t suffer from any life-threatening injuries like broken bones, a punctured lung, or internal bleeding. This is what emergency room doctors specialize in.

But the problem is that as long as there’s no serious threat to your health, the emergency room physician is likely to send you along on your way with pain medication to mask the pain. And here’s the problem with only taking pain medication after your accident...

Soft Tissues like muscles, ligaments, discs, and nerves need new blood and oxygen to heal properly.  They also need to function and move properly. 

When you only take painkillers and/or anti-inflammatory medication, scar tissue and adhesions can form limiting proper motion needed for healthy nerve and blood flow.  Trigger points can develop in the muscles causing pain and spasm.

Scar tissue is also a substandard tissue that can turn into its own source of pain, causing a number of chronic pains, symptoms and syndromes.

Soft Tissue Injuries Are NOT Always Visible On X-Rays

Many doctors don’t have the training to detect soft tissue injuries…they overly rely on vital signs, x-rays and the pain described by the patient.  They are simply not that familiar with the problems that prevent your body from healing properly.

If your hidden problems are not detected, they will go untreated resulting in either a lackof results or chronic problems in the future. 

The treatment of choice for medical doctors, like family physicians, is to use drugs to cover up your symptoms (like pain), so you don’t feel pain anymore.  This form of treatment only gives you the illusion that you are okay, when you really may be injured and not know it.

What To Do If You've Been Injured in a Car or Work Accident

1. The quicker an injury is diagnosed, the less severe it will be, and the easier it will be to treat. That means you’ll be out of pain faster and back to living your life the way it was before the accident.

2. It will help your legal case if you choose to go that route.

Car Accident Injury Treatment and Work Injury Treatment in Bradenton, FL

Dr. Jay Schwartz has over 30 years of experience treating patients that have been involved in car and work accidents. Call (941) 584-8474 today to book an appointment. 


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