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Subluxations in Bradenton, FL

Did you know that chiropractors do not treat headaches, back pain, disc problems, neck pain, etc.? No, they don't. They treat subluxations.

Subluxations are vertebrae that shift out of position, become locked or stuck in that misaligned position and place pressure on nerves, on discs and joints. When they occur, you may feel pain and other symptoms, but you may not.....what I mean is that often the vertebrae and subluxated, but not irritating the nerves enough to cause symptoms. This is why a person may have subluxations for years before he/she actually develops symptoms. Here is a common scenario. Mrs. Jones wakes up, gets out of bed and bends over for her shoes and suddenly experiences agonizing pain. She goes to a chiropractor, who takes her history, performs a comprehensive examination, take some X-rays and determines that she has had structural problems for many years. She looks at him bewildered because she never felt pain in her back. He explains that she has lost 50% of the L5-S1 disc and shows her how her vertebrae have shifted. So the pain has only been present for several days, but the problem could have been around for 20 years!

The same goes for an ulcer. You don't wake up with an ulcer one morning. It was developing for a long time until it got large enough to cause pain.

Subluxations can cause problems anywhere in the body. Why? Because the spinal nerves exit the spine and travel to supply muscles and organs throughout the entire body. When the nerves are irritated and not supplying the proper nerve energy to the muscles and organs, they may not function properly. Since function is the key to health, problems result and your health suffers.

This is why most chiropractors will recommend that adults and children and checked long before they feel symptoms. If subluxations are detected and corrected, many health issues can be prevented as well as unnecessary suffering.