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On this page you will find a description of the wide array of services our practice offers. We certainly understand that just what we offer isn’t what is important. What is important is HOW WE OFFER IT. You can count on Dr. Schwartz and his staff to possess the knowledge, expertise and caring attitude to satisfy all of your individual needs


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You can compare apples and oranges, but you will find that they are not equal. It is the same with comparing VAX-D to physical therapy, "decompression", conventional chiropractic or other treatments that claim to treat herniated, degenerated and bulging discs.

  1. Physical Therapy: PT is great for muscles, joints and ligaments, but what does it do for herniated discs? Physical therapists feel that by strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the discs will help them as well. They don't know this for sure. Their treatments certainly do not address the disc problem directly. Since most people with disc problems first see their primary doctor, who gives them medication and then refers them to an orthopedist, who refers them to a physical therapist, if therapy had great success with them, the algorithm would stop there, but it usually does not. This is why VAX-D was invented.
  2. Conventional Chiropractic: Chiropractors, in general, treat misalignments of spinal bones called subluxations. By adjusting the vertebrae back into their normal position, they can take pressure off of the spinal nerves. However, the adjustments do not directly affect the discs. Again, similar to physical therapy, conventional chiropractic does not address disc pathology. There is one procedure in chiropractic called Cox Distraction that does have a direct effect on the discs and can help to relieve pain from disc problems.
  3. "Spinal Decompression": I use this term loosely because the only proven non-surgical treatment that can be classified as "decompression" is VAX-D. Unfortunately, many providers are advertising simple traction tables as "decompression", giving the impression that their traction can mimic the effects of VAX-D. All I ask you to do is evaluate the research and you will clearly see that VAX-D has been shown through peer-reviewed studies published in well respected medical journals to not only have a 71% success rate, but scientifically lowers the pressures in the discs to negative values. This allows for decompression to take place. No other treatment available has the research to prove this phenomenon. As a matter of fact, some of the "imposters" will quote the research on VAX-D in order to somehow reach the conclusion that their treatment has the same effect. Be very careful. Ask them for the studies performed on their treatment that have been peer reviewed and published in well respected scientific journals.
  4. Laser Treatment for neurological problems such as peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome: We have found that this therapy works wonders for neurological conditons without surgery. In many cases, patients who thought their only option was surgery and thrilled to hear of Cold Laser therapy and those who suffer with peripheral neuropathy and thought they had to live with it, in many cases get the relief they always desired.

We are totally confident that you will realize there is no comparison to VAX-D treatment.

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