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Sciatica Treatment in Bradenton FL

According to Doorland's Medical Dictionary, Sciatica is a "syndrome characterized by pain radiating from the back into the buttock and into the lower extremity along its posterior or lateral aspect, and most commonly caused by prolapse of the intervertebral disc; the term is also used to refer to pain anywhere along the course of the sciatic nerve. It also defines syndrome as "a set of symptoms which occur together.

In other words, sciatica is not a condition; It is not a disease; It is simply a word to describe a series of symptoms. Sciatica can very in each patient. In one, it may represent pain in the buttock radiating into the top of the thigh only. In another, it may represent pain in the calf and in still another sufferer, it can indicate pain in the foot. So when a person says he has sciatica, it basically means that he has pain in his leg, similar to when he says he has a headache, it indicates pain in the head.

Sciatica has many different causes with the most common being a disc problem The following are the most common causes of sciatica:

  1. Herniated disc, bulging disc and/or degenerated disc
  2. Posterior Facet Syndrome
  3. Spinal Subluxation
  4. Piriformis Syndrome
  5. Spinal Tumor

Treatment of Sciatica depends on the particular cause. If the cause is a disc problem, then you must find out if you are a candidate for VAX-D or Cox Distraction.

Please make an appointment today to find out the cause of your sciatica and what you can do to properly take care of it.