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The Chiropractic Neurologist Other Physicians Refer To

I recently referred my wife to Dr. Jay Schwartz because she developed pain, paraesthesia and numbness in the neck with associated headaches. She also has a long history of lower back pain radiating into the buttock. MRIs of the cervical and lumbar spines showed one herniated disc in each area. Dr. Schwartz performed a comprehensive examination and determined that Cox Distraction would be the best treatment for her. She has only gone to him about a half-dozen times and she is already feeling much better. Her neck pain and headaches are virtually resolved and she only experiences occasional numbness. The lower back pain is now stiffness and only occurs with certain movements.

She and I are very pleased with the care Dr. Schwartz has. provided. I have also referred several patient to him end cash it has net only gotten great results, but are very happy with their care as well.

If you haven't heard of Dr. Schwartz, it is because he recently moved down to Florida after practicing in NY for many years. I started referring to him because of his relationship with Dr. Maldonado (neurologist).

I strongly suggest that you refer your patients suffering with low back and neck pain, headaches, paraesthesia, numbness and weakness in the extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy to him. If he can help, he will tell them. He also provides me with regular progress reports on my patients.

Jose F Polanco M.D., P.A.

I want you to know that working with Dr. Schwartz is a pleasure. He is highly skilled in his field, particularly neuro-electrodiagnosis. My patients like him very much because he takes very good care of them and provides a great service. Everything that he told me was absolutely true, from the level of reimbursement to his fees and my profit margin.
I highly recommend that you work with him. You will be very happy with the relationship.

Rachel Halevy, MD

I started working with Dr. Jay Schwartz several months ago. He performs EMGs and NCS on patients in my office and I want you to know that he is a highly skilled physician. His testing and reports are meticulous and he has a wonderful beside manner with the patients.
I feel that my patients are in excellent hands and because he is performing the tests in my office, he provides me with more time to spend with the patients.
I look forward to a good long relationship with Dr. Schwartz and highly recommend that you develop the same type of relationship with him. The benefits are obvious for all involved.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Orlando Maldonado, MD Board Certified in Neurology