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Your First Visit


The purpose of the first visit is to properly diagnose your condition. Without a proper diagnosis, appropriate treatment could not be performed. Trying to treat a patient without a diagnosis is GUESSWORK. Do you want any doctor to guess with your health? Of course not! Guessing is for gamblers.

The first thing we do is consult with you to discuss your symptoms. What provokes them; what relieves them. How they started. Was trauma involved? Your past history is very important since certain conditions can make you more susceptible to other conditions. For example, diabetes can cause other nerve conditions. Dr. Schwartz, being a chiropractic neurologist, can determine if this is the case. Some conditions can mimic other conditions (A kidney infection can cause lower back pain!).

Then we give you a complete, comprehensive neurological and orthopedic examination. Being a chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Schwartz emphasizes the neurological portion of the examination because most symptoms are neurological in nature.

Finally, some patients don’t realize that chiropractors must diagnose their condition in order to determine the best type of adjustment for them. Some adjustments may be contraindicated for certain conditions. What if a man is not questioned about his urinary problems and he is incontinent due to a nerve condition or he has prostrate cancer that has spread to his spine?

NEVER EVER trust a doctor who is willing to treat you without knowing the cause of your problem. Recently, a woman called her physician because she wasn’t feeling well and her blood pressure was high. He prescribed blood pressure medication on the phone!!!!! His license should be suspended. What is causing her BP to increase? Is it sudden or chronic? Is it really high? These are things that most people do not consider, especially when they are sick or have pain.

Our primary interest is YOU. We will only do what is best for YOU and will never do anything that is harmful or contraindicated. A good comprehensive consultation and examination is indicated with every patient and the only way to start with a new patient.