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Covid 19 Guidelines

In response to the latest CDC guidelines, which change all the time, I have been recommending guidelines which are MORE STRICT, utilizing my 30+ years of experience, chiropractic and neurology background, teaching experience, common sense and absolutely no political motivation. Many of the guidelines are not explained with detailed instructions by the “experts” or the media.

  1. As you know we clean all of our facilities before and after every single patient, with particular attention to patient check-in clipboards, counter tops, exam and treatment tables, bathroom facilities, door handles, seat arms and all points of common contact. You should do this at home multiple times per day if anyone leaves your home.
  2. We’ve increased signage around our facilities and are screening patients for risk factors.
  3. We are asking our staff to please stay home and quarantine if they have a cough, cold or fever of any kind, or if they think that they may have been exposed to the virus. The same goes for you and your family. Any family member who has respiratory symptoms, fever and/or loss of smell should be quarantined and the rest of the family as well.
  4. We are asking patients if they have a significant cough, cold and particularly a FEVER and/or have recently traveled to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, NY or CA, or they have been exposed to someone potentially infected with the Coronavirus, to please contact their physicians or local emergency room.
  5. We are committed to keeping our facilities as clean and humanly sanitary as possible. You need to do this for your home and cars. (You never hear anything about your car!) I’ll get to this later.
  6. We wash our hands frequently and thoroughly and always before eating or drinking. Wash for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not practical. We also recommend that our patients do the same, particularly while in the office. Please check out our website for the best hand washing technique, which is the same as used by surgeons when they scrub up prior to surgery.
  7. This is also my suggestion along with washing your hands, wash your face as well with soap and water!
  8. I have always recommended drinking 100 oz of water (preferably distilled or high alkaline) per day. Now is even more important to wash any potential viruses in your mouth down to your stomach where acidic enzymes will destroy them.
  9. As you have heard at least hundreds of times, Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and face with unwashed hands. The average person touches his/her face at least 30 times per hour! Also practice social distancing as well no matter whether you are inside or outside.
  10. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue. If you use a tissue, dispose of it in the trash immediately and wash or sanitize your hands immediately.
  11. You must carry disinfecting wipes in your car. When you leave the car, take a wipe and use it on all public surfaces. Although we clean the doorknobs and handles throughout the day, it is a good idea to use a wipe or paper towel or back of arm to open the door. Do not touch these surfaces with your bare hands!
  12. Definitely carry wipes with you into a restaurant if you pick up take out and they don’t have curbside service. According to the CDC, coronavirus is not transmitted through food since it is a respiratory infection. However, you still want to disinfect the plastic silverware, paper cups, packaging and anything you touch that was touched by the food handlers and preparers. Sanitize your hands before and after disinfecting the packaging, etc.
  13. We have bottles of hand sanitizers at the front desk and checkout desk. Please use them. Only a penny size squirt is necessary. We need to conserve since they are impossible to purchase any more. It is difficult to find sanitizers so simply use alcohol or peroxide and mix with aloe or moisturizers. For disinfecting wipes, use 3 oz of bleach to a gallon of water, then dip paper towels into the solution and you now have wipes.
  14. I and my staff either wash our hands or use sanitizer immediately upon entering and upon leaving the treatment rooms to keep us all safe.
  15. SHOPPING: This is something that is not being done by most people. Please either use disinfectant spray or wipes on every item you purchase at supermarkets, BJ’s, Costco, Home Depot, etc. I know it is a pain but the 15 minutes that it takes in the parking lot before you store the items in your car can make a huge difference in keeping you and your families safe. I also carry disinfectant sprays in my car as well as the wipes and sanitizer.
  16. This is something you do not hear enough about. Any piece of fruit or vegetable such as apples or tomatoes must be either soaked in apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes or wiped with peroxide and then rinsed well with water and the scrungy side of a clean sponge dedicated for fruit. Items such as bananas or oranges need to also be wiped down using wipes as well because they were touched by other people.
  17. MAIL: I had the opportunity to visit the main Post Office facility on Talevast and was horrified to see the letter trays used by the public and employees. They have never been washed or sanitized and touched by thousands of hands each week. I was told that the custodial staff are not sanitizing enough and conditions are dangerous for the employees as well as the public. Therefore, I urge you to either leave the mail in a plastic bag in the garage for 5 days before opening or carefully open, discard the envelope and sanitize your hands. With the second option, simply write the date it was received on the bag. Again this is a pain but a necessary precaution. Scientists say the viruses can live on paper up to 5 days.
  18. I know the governor was hesitant to close houses of worship, most likely having to do with separation of “church and state”. However, we are in a crisis mode and this should supersede religion at this time especially when we can access spiritual live shows on the internet. Please do not attend any religious gatherings. If you insist on visiting your house of worship, please do not enter with more than a few people and practice social distancing AND WEAR A MASK!
  19. MOST IMPORTANT: AS YOU KNOW, WE HAVE BEEN WEARING MASKS IN THE OFFICE AND I HAVE BEEN WEARING THEM IN PUBLIC STORES AND FACILITIES FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS. I RECOMMEND THE PUBLIC DO THE SAME. I believe that the only reason the CDC is only suggesting this now is because they would be horded and there would not be enough for healthcare workers which has occurred anyway. N95s are saved for healthcare workers because they were scientifically tested as opposed to scarves or material covering of the face. This does not mean cloth coverings are not effective. They are just not proven to be effective. I urge you to cover your face when visiting public places. This does not include being outside in the fresh air where viruses and other germs are diluted. The challenge is to find something that sufficiently covers your face. I looked online and found that larger bandanas are sold out. “Fishermen’s Buffs” are also sold out, however I found a promotional store online that sells them in high quantities. I ordered them for my patients and will be distributing them to everyone once we receive them which will be the middle of April. In the meantime, use cotton or polyester material to tie around your face when visiting public contained facilities. If you happen to have surgical masks, you can improve their effectiveness by cutting the strings that sit around your ears and tying the tops together and the bottoms together. The bottom one goes on first around your neck and the top around your head. This method holds the mask more securely against your face. With some masks you need to add a rubber band to the ties. Spray them with aerosol disinfectant OR diluted peroxide after each usage. This is so important to help contain the spread of covid 19.
  20. Finally, Covid 19 as well as other microorganisms can survive on the ground. People sneeze, cough and spit while outside and the germs fall to the ground. They can survive there and when you walk over those areas, they may adhere to your shoes. Therefore, when you get home, remove your shoes before you walk into the house or garage. Have another pair of shoes, flipflops or running shoes waiting for you to change into. This pair never leaves your house so they are essentially sanitized. Spray disinfectant on the bottoms of your shoes and leave them in your garage or outside your front door. This is a real pain, however we have been doing this and it only takes two minutes. My garage floor is the cleanest it has been since I’ve been living here. Your garage floor needs to be sanitized so when you enter, you do not carry microorganisms into your houses.

We are dedicated to providing a safe space for you and your family to receive the finest care, and will continue to monitor this developing situation closely and as you can see, more than comply with recommendations and instructions from our local and state health departments. Remember these guidelines must be followed 100%! One slipup can mean the difference of maintaining health or contracting disease.

Watch for my future emails which will contain post crisis solutions that you will find very interesting and although you have heard them before, will be more meaningful particularly when you see the statistics I have gathered from the CDC. You can get a preview on my website under the Videos tab. One of the things about the Chiropractic portion of my profession is that we have been teaching patients about health since 1895 and the principles have not changed. Why? Because they work, even today while in a crisis.

I wish you the best during this crisis. We will get through it, but everyone must do his/her part to keep us all safe. As a public service, please forward this to all of your contacts.